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Features of willow

At present, it is willow among all other plants that is used as the main energy crop for the solid fuel production all over the world.
Sorts of fast-growing willow Salix viminalis L., in the capacity of energy crops, are best suited in the temperate climatic zone of Ukraine.

The cost of heat obtained with chips is one and a half times lower than the same amount obtained when using natural gas.

The benefits of biofuel derived from energy willow

The cost of energy carriers

Raw material of its own production. Ability to predict the cost of cod in the presence of a fixed cost of laying the plantation. Calorific value is close to the calorific value of coniferous species of trees – 
16-18.5 MJ/kg.

Low soil requirements

Willow is successfully grown on sandy soils, in mud or on loamy soils. Soils with high clay content, as a rule, have lower yields during the first few years. However, initial results indicate that further yields from these areas may be higher as compared to the yields at soils with low clay content.

Plantations of energy plants increase the forest area of the state.

Due to the rapid growth (more than 3 meters per year) and the intensive accumulation of wood mass (about 60 cubic meters per year from 1 ha), willow plantations can provide large areas of green plantations over a short period of time.
In addition, an energy willow plantation with an area of 1 hectare absorbs more than 200 t of СО2 from air over 3 years.

Ability to re-cultivate unproductive land

One hectare of energy willow plantation returns to the soil more than 60-80% of nutrients, along with fallen leaves. The soil is also enriched with carbon dioxide and bacteria that increase its fertility.
After the 8th harvest, on the 25th year, the land that was not suitable for growing crops, mostly, turns into suitable for farming.
In addition, energy willow plantations can be used for:
 - removal of heavy metals from contaminated land and wastewater treatment
 - strengthening of the coasts.
The ash after combustion of the energy willow is used as one of the best fertilizers.

Potentially interested in growing energy willow are:


Each farm has a number of lands that are not suitable or less suitable for farming, on which it is possible to grow energy willow.

Agrarian Holdings


Own a large bank of land and a large assortment of equipment. As a rule, a certain percentage of land of categories IV and V exists at each farm. These lands are not suitable or not suitable enough for agriculture. Lands of those types can be used for growing energy willow.

Thermoelectric power plants (TPP)

Which work or can work on solid fuel.

Power stations


Which operate according to a “green” rate and use biomass as a fuel.

Boiler houses


Communal, private and industrial boiler houses that can be converted to solid fuels. Typically, a solid fuel boiler is installed near the existing gas boiler and is connected to the existing heating network without significant expenses.


Enterprises producing wood pellets or briquettes.


Energy willow can be used as the raw material for the production of pellets and briquettes. 

Governors of the cities


Who are interested in transferring power plants and boiler houses to alternative energy sources.

Heads of village councils

On the balance of which there are lands that are not suitable or not suitable enough for agriculture.

Growing technology

Soil cultivation 
Plantation tending 
Cod storage
Willow harvesting 
Growth of plantation 

Land plot for growing energy willow

Soils of III, IV, V categories
Precipitation is not less than 650 mm/year
Average annual temperature is not less than 6 * С
It is economically beneficial to grow willow up to 100 km maximum from the place of consumption (power plant, boiler house).
The optimal distance from the field to the place of consumption of cod is 30-60 km

Boiler houses on biomass

Planned projects

Construction (reconstruction) and maintenance of boiler-houses, which will work on woodchips and wood chips of energy willow of own production.
The developed projects will include the reconstruction of gas boilers with installation of solid fuel boilers and fuel delivery system. Boiler houses will be operated on the basis of lease agreements.

Boiler houses in Boryspil city:
Zavokzalna street - 4,35 MW (shipment per season – 15,660 Gcal)
Telman street - 3.6 MW (shipment per season – 12,970 Gcal)
Skifska street - 0,81 MW (shipment per season – 2,948 Gcal)


Thermal power plants on biomass 

Thermal power plant on biomass (18 MW). 

urban-type settlement Ivankiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine 

Thermal biomass power plant (3.7 MW). 

Pruzhany city, Belarus

Planned projects

Construction of bio-thermal power station in Vinnytsia region with a capacity of 6 MW of electrical energy and 2.9 MW of thermal energy (2.5 Gcal / h). This thermal power plant will work on willow wood chips, which will be produced by "Energy Willow LLC", and other biomass.




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